As the weather gets chillier it can be tough for many people to stay motivated to stick to their summer workout routine without the sun and warm weather! Freezing temperatures and yucky weather can push people into hibernation mode. 

Don’t let the cold weather derail your commitment to moving your body! There are great benefits for your mental and physical health to working out in the cold weather. Stay active with these 7 tips, and try these outdoor exercises so you can enjoy working out all year round!

Walking or Running

Walking or running doesn’t require special equipment, only a few more layers to protect yourself from the cold! Make sure you wear proper running shoes for ankle support and consider boots when it gets snowy or icy so you don’t slip.



Upgrade your workout from a walk around the block so you can enjoy the beautiful winter scenery on hiking trails. Start with shorter routes while wearing proper hiking shoes, and make sure you plan a route to avoid getting lost on unknown trails. 




While the length of time you can cycle may depend on where you live, cycling is a great option to improve your cardiovascular health! Make sure you stick to clear roads that have been salted to avoid slipping on your bike. 


Skiing & Snowboarding

If you’re new to skiing or snowboarding, try country skiing first! It’s a great way to start small and build up your duration before hitting the big slopes. 



Ice Skating

Check out your local ice rinks to glide around with friends and family for a fun group exercise, or choose a more intense workout by joining a hockey league. Ice skating is a great cardiovascular workout that also keeps your muscles built up!





Unleash your inner child on a bobsled or disk! Grab your family and some hot chocolate for a fun day on the hills.


If you live in a super cold climate, avoiding the outdoors might be a necessity. You can shift the workouts you’re used to doing during the summer inside - check out these workout ideas to maintain your mental and physical health! 

Just because the seasons are changing, doesn’t mean you need to hibernate like a bear. Keep your body moving, and enjoy the cold weather with your friends and family for some nostalgic holiday enjoyment!