Whether you’re a workout veteran or just got into a new routine a couple of months ago, committing to moving your body has so many benefits

It’s easier to commit to a workout routine when the sun is shining and the temperatures are high…but when they start dropping, it can be tough to drag yourself outside! Get excited about your exercise instead of dreading it when the cold weather hits by adapting your routine

Plan The Night Before

Having to drag yourself out of bed and get ready can drain your energy! Set out workout clothes the night before, and pre-make smoothie packs or morning oats to fuel your body when you wake up. 

Wake Up To Warmth

We’ve all been there - waking up and the house is cold, but the bed is so warm. Set a thermostat to a cozy temperature and put your workout clothes by the heater so you don’t feel like hibernating a few minutes longer. Avoid hitting the snooze button by getting a sunshine alarm clock that gradually wakes you up, or choose a song you like that will get your heart pumping and legs moving! 

Workout with a Friend or Group

Joining a buddy or a group of friends to workout can help boost your mood and make moving your body fun! It also adds a level of accountability when you know someone else is counting on you to show up. Check out Facebook for workout groups or apps like Bumble BFF that help you meet new people with similar interests! 




Make a Workout Space in Your Home

Did you know that the physical space around you can affect your focus? Dedicating a space in your home to spend time in can help your brain focus on your workout. Since many of us can’t have a separate room for working out in, try choosing a corner that you can do your workout in that gives you a little bit of space from your day-to-day activities. 

Set Attainable Workout Goals

One of the quickest ways to lose motivation is to set goals that are difficult to reach. Try thinking one step at a time instead of the end result - instead of focusing on losing weight, make the goal to improve your mental health! Step one can be “Go to the gym”; once you’re there, it’ll be easier to start a class or workout.

Try Indoor Exercises

Sometimes taking your exercise outside isn’t possible because the weather is just too cold! Stay safe by trying an indoor version of your favourite sport, like soccer or football. This is also a great time to join a gym with fun classes like aerial yoga, boxing or spin class.

Stay Safe When Exercising Outside

Getting outside to enjoy the winter weather can be great for your system! If you choose to workout in the cold, make sure you stay safe so your body can receive all the great benefits 

Use the cold weather as a reason to try new workouts and to meet new people. Don’t let the cold weather deter you getting all of the great benefits of moving your body with regular exercise! 



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