Did you know that Canada is home to 42 national parks? Whether you’re hiking, mountain biking, cycling, or ‘bikepacking’, there is a province in Canada with the perfect trail for you! 

Cycling has so many great benefits and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful landscapes every province in Canada has to offer! 

From Northern Canada, to the West then East - check out Relentless’ list of the best biking and hiking trails in Canada!


Mountain: Ridge Road Trail

32 km Mountain biking along the Klondike Gold Rush Heritage Route

Hiking: Grizzly Lake Trail

11 km difficult route across rocky slopes and stunning meadows

Northwest Territories

Mountain: The Fitz-Smith Trail 

17 km showcasing the beautiful Fort Smith region

Hiking: Canol Heritage Trail

355 km following old WWII roadways, including interesting relics along the way


Mountain bike in the Canadian Arctic


Hiking & Biking: Akshayuk Pass

100 km of remote country wilderness, perfect for ‘bikepacking’ through Arctic scenery 

British Columbia

Biking: Kettle Valley Rail Trail

650 km of connected railways converted to trailways to see the best of Canadian scenery 

Hiking: West Coast Trail 

75 km through BC beautiful and rough coastal rainforest


Biking: High Rockies Trail 

80 km through open meadows, and under dense forests with suspension bridges

Hiking: Plain of the Six Glaciers

15 km trail starting at the shoreline of Lake Louise and along the base of the Rocky Mountains


Biking: Meewasin Trail

105 km trail running alongside a river, offering beautiful views and landscaped parks to rest along the city

Hiking: Boreal Trail 

150 km of backcountry trails through Meadow Lake, with options for camping


A Young Woman with Bike outside with quebec vie



Biking: Reeves Ravine Trail

12 km mountain biking trail on the edge of the Manitoba escarpment

Hiking: Grey Owl Trail 

19 km trail that takes your through the boreal forest along the eastern shore around Kingsmere Lake towards the historical cabin of Canada’s first Naturalist and conservationist, Grey Owl


Biking: Kawartha Trans Canada Trail 

54 km through different ecologoical communities, with parks and picnic spots along the way

Hiking: The Crack Trail

3.5 km difficult trek at Killarney Provincial Park with views of mountains and landscapes that inspired the Group of Seven





Biking: The Blueberry Route

25km scenic cycling route for nature lovers

Hiking: Gorge Trail 

3.5km trail leading to a suspended footbridge over a deep forested canyon

New Brunswick

Biking: Riverside Trail 

27 km through the inner-cities, following the riverside 

Hiking: Fundy Footpath

41km total of difficult up-and-down trails, listed by Explore Magazine as one of the “50 Best Hikes in the World”

Nova Scotia

Biking: Cabot Trail 

298 km of roadways and paths through fishing vilages around the northern tip of the island

Hiking: Skyline Trail

6.5 km trail leading to a cliff overlooking the ocean where you can keep an eye out for whales

Prince Edward Island

Biking: Confederation Trail 

273 km takes you across the island, where stops for food (like lobster rolls!) are a must

Hiking: Greenwich Dunes Trail

2.2 km provides a shorter hike follows a floating boardwalk through various ecosystems


Biking: Viking Trail 

526 km across the entire island to follow the path Vikings travelled, filled with educational spots and restaurants to try 

Hiking: East Coast Trail 

336km of connected trails around the island, ranging in difficulty and length for every hiker



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