About Us


About Relentless Bikes Inc.

Sometimes retro is cool and cool never goes out of style. This is what the founders of Relentless Bikes felt when they started this very cool company. One of the partners is a Duathlete on the Canadian team and the other is an Ex-National Cycling champion with loads of bicycling experience. Together they wanted to make biking fun again. No-fuss, no-muss, no worries about the level of carbon and stress levels on lightweight frames, they wanted to make and sell good old fashioned steel frame bicycles, and so they did.

Our Mission

At Relentless Bikes, the focus is on you, the biker. Whether you live in the burbs and you want a simple bike to get some exercise or you’re a townie and you want an affordable fixie, we’ve got you covered. Ride in your cities neighborhood, on paved trails, in the country, just ride!

So step back a bit in time, but not too far back, to when things were simpler, better built and easy to maintain, and step into Relentless Bikes. Affordable and Fun bikes, that are simple to maintain and enjoy!

Be relentless on your journey with a new Relentless bike.