Spending time outside can upgrade your workout routine when summer comes around. Since exercise has so many great benefits, it makes sense you’ll want to continue moving your body when the weather becomes nicer! 


Even for the best athletes, holding yourself to the same standard in the summer as you accomplish in the winter can be a recipe for disaster. Working out in the heat can put extra stress on the body, potentially leading to heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and extreme dehydration 😱


To avoid wrecking your body this summer and turning you away from working out forever, make sure you exercise mindfully this summer by staying in tune with your body and following our tips!


How to Prepare For Your Summer Exercise


1. Know Your Risk Factors and Symptoms


You don’t need to take it too easy, but make sure you’re aware of any possible risk factors that could put you at greater risk for heat stroke or exhaustion; age, workout history, preexisting conditions, acute respiratory infections, and medications.


Knowing the symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and extreme dehydration is essential: 

  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Feeling tired
  • Dry mouth/lips
  • Excessive sweating OR No sweating while cold
  • Muscle cramps
  • Racing pulse + breath


2. Start Slow By Choosing a New Way to Workout


Don’t assume you can do the same high-impact workouts in the hot sun. Introduce a different workout to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. The summer brings fun ways to get outside and move your body!


4. Prepare Your Body 


Making sure your body is prepared for being outside is important! Lower your body temperature by taking a cold shower before and keeping your hair wet during the workout. Check the time and weather conditions before your workout to avoid peak sun exposure (from 10 am-3 pm). Skip the sugary sports drinks in favour of coconut water or an at-home electrolyte drink. Wear sweat-wicking clothing with cotton blends, and avoid heavy, darker fabrics that will absorb heat. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on, at least SPF 30!


How to Enjoy Your Summer Exercise


1. Try a New Activity 


The summer brings fun activities that aren’t available in the colder months! Upgrade your workout by choosing a new way to move your body. 


  • Outdoor Meditation and Yoga
  • Hiking or Speed Walking
  • Cycling 
  • Rock climbing
  • Running
  • Water sports - kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming


2. Try Your Favourite Outdoor Activities Indoor


If it’s too hot to be outside, try one of your favourite outdoor activities inside! If you love cycling then try a stationary bike or a treadmill instead of running.


3. Monitor Your Body


Know your limits and play within them! If you start feeling off, don’t push yourself. Take a break when you need to, and get out of the sun to avoid overheating. Drink lots of water or electrolyte-filled liquids to stay hydrated - and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water (that’s a sign of dehydration!) 


Take Care of Your Body After Moving It


1. Avoid Muscle Cramping


Immediately after completing your workout, you need to stretch your body out. We like these 10 Whole Body Stretches that ensure the main parts of your body get stretched out to prevent muscle cramping. 


2. Keep Monitoring Your Body


Track how you feel after working out and what your water intake was - we recommend keeping a physical or digital journal to ensure you’re giving yourself the fluids you need. Continue drinking water throughout the day, and refuel your body with fruits and vegetables , protein


3. Boost Your Recovery 


Adding supplements to your routine can help your body recover during summer workouts. Before a workout try adding Beta-alanine, an amino acide that has been shown to improve exercise performance and reduce fatigue, especially for high-intensity workouts! Using a recovery tool like a massage gun or roller can decrease muscle tension, reduce inflammation, and help you relax. 


Working out in the summer months is a great way to connect with yourself, nature, as well as friends and family! Being mindful about taking care of your body will help you enjoy all of the fun-in-the-sun that summer exercises have to offer!

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