Athlete Sponsorship


Become A Relentless Bikes Athlete

Are you an athlete at the top of your game and a top athlete in your sport? Do you love biking on your off days and getting a good workout on the saddle? Do you want to become a Relentless Bikes Inc. sponsored athlete and represent our brand?



- Follow Relentless bikes on social media.

- Email with the subject linke "Athlete Sponsorship" with your bio, social media links, website link and your answer to the following questions.




1. Why do you want to become a Relentless Bikes Athlete?

2. What sport do you compete in?

3. Are you a professional athlete? What level of athlete are you?

4. What is your competition goals for the upcoming year? 

5. What is your competition/race schedule for the upcoming year?

6. What are your past race/competition results?

7. Do you have any other sponsors? 

8. What is your favorite exercise?


How do I know I have been accepted?

The Relentless Bikes team will only contact you directly if you have been accepted as part of the ambassador program.