Are you looking to get outside this summer and discover some new bike paths and trails? Look no further, because as you can imagine, there is an app for that. When it comes to biking you don't have to just trust your gut to find the best bike trails in the city, you can use an app!

We have compiled some of the most popular biking and cycling apps to help you explore this summer.

1. TrailForks 

If you are looking for bike trails of any kind Trail forks is one of the best apps out there! You can find incredible paved trails, single track and more with the click of a button. This is a great resource if you are looking for new cycling trails in Canada.



2.  Komoot

If you are trying to find cycling routes based on your specific needs then Komoot will be your favorite biking app. Whether you want an easy route or a hard route, Komoot will give you indepth detail of the bike trails listed so you know exactly what to expect before you even arrive at your destination.

There is no excuse not to explore your local trails anymore!



3. Strava

You have probably heard your cyclist friends talk about Strava before because it is the dedicated social network for cyclists and runners. If you want to show and track your latest rides and connect with your peers than you definitely need to give Strava a try. 



It's time to grab your bike and hit the trails!

There are hundreds of different cycling and biking apps out there but these are some of our favorites. So feel free to give Komoot, Trail forks and Strava a try this summer while you are crushing the trails!

Did we miss any of your favorite bike apps?

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