The warm weather is here so that means it's time to get outside and go for a ride. But before you head out on your next summer bike adventure (with your Relentless Bikes single speed) make sure you are prepared for the weather and intensity of your adventure. Whether you are going for a bike ride around the block or for for a 100km training ride, you need to make sure you pack the essentials to avoid the dreaded bonk. 

So before you head out for your next outdoor summer bike ride make sure you pack these essentials.

1. Water, Electrolytes & Snacks

When you are working out you need to make sure that you are replacing your fluids and calories. So make sure you bring some water, electrolyte drinks and healthy snacks for the road. Whether you decide to bring some trail mix or a granola bar, these heathy snacks will give you the fuel that you need to get from point A to B.

Also, we are officially in summer so it is crucial to stay hydrated in the summer heat!



2. Sunscreen 

It doesn't matter if you plan to go for a 10 minute or a 6 hour bike ride, sunscreen is essential. Aside from getting sun burnt, it is important that you protect your skin if you plan on being out in the sun. 

Pro Tip: Get some sweat proof sunscreen for your outdoor workouts!


3. Bike Repair Kit & Tools

It is always important to prepare for the worst especially if you are going on a solo bike ride. So make sure you pack the bike repair kit essentials in your bike bag such as spare inner tubes, a pump or a CO2 catridge, tire levers and a multi-tool. These bike repair kits will be a lifesaver if you ever get a flat on the road and have no way home! Don't get stranded, be prepared!


4. Extra Cash

It is always important to bring some extra money especially if you aren't bringing your wallet. You never know when you might want to stop at a cafe for a mid ride java or need to buy some extra water at a gas station. Bringing along some extra cash for your long bike rides is a LIFESAVER!


5. Rain jacket

You can't always predict the weather. Sometimes rain comes out of no where but it's important to be prepared. If you have a bike bag it may be beneficial to keep a rain jacket in the bike bag just in case. It is better to be warm and dry then wet and cold (if you can avoid it).



Preparing for Your Next Bike Ride

Before you head out on your next outdoor bike adventure make sure you bring along water, electrolytes, snacks, sunscreen, a bike repair kit, extra cash and a rain jacket. You never know what will happen once you get out their on the roads, so try to be prepared!

Did we miss anything on this list of bike ride essentials?