Single Speed Bike Set Up Instructions

Enjoy Your New Relentless Bike

Thank you for choosing Relentless Bikes as your source of getting active! We can’t wait to see you shredding it!

Before you can start crushing your fitness goals, you will need to assemble your bike. Please read the following instructions and keep these instructions for future reference.

Unpack the Relentless Bike Box

  1. Open up your Relentless Bike box and carefully lift out the parts and frame into a safe spot.
  2. Take off all of the secure packaging and admire your awesome new bike for a second.
Handle bar assembly

Handle bar Assembly

  1. Loosen the bolts on the bike stem to allow the handlebar to be put into the stem.
  2. Adjust the handlebar into the correct position and securely tighten the handlebar into place with the allen key provided. Make sure your handlebar is in the correct position and securely tightened so it does not move out of place.

wheel setup

Wheel Assembly

  1. Place the front wheel into the front wheel axle with the front forks. Ensure the hub is in the middle of the dropouts and can spin.
  2. Use the hex wrench to fasten the outside bolts. The bolts should be tightened securely.

brake assembly

Brake Adjustments

  1. After the front wheel has been properly assembled, adjust the brakes to make sure the wheel is the middle of the brake. Make sure you adjust the front & back brakes and brake line and test the brakes before you start riding your bike. Use the tool provided to adjust the brakes and brake pads to the optimal position. 
  2. Finally, pump up your tires to the recommended amount shown on the tire. 
saddle adjustment

Saddle Adjustment 

  1. Loosen the bolt on the clamp to allow the seat post to be inserted into the mid tube.
  2. Insert the seat tube into the midtube, make sure that the clamp is over the safety line of the seat post.
  3. Adjust the seat post into the correct position then using the allen key provided, fasten the bolt on the clamp. Make sure that you fasten the bolt tight enough that the seat does not move its position.
pedal adjustment

Pedal Adjustment

  1. Locate the pedal that is labelled “R” for right (on the spindle). In addition, there is another pedal labeled “L” for Left. 
  2. Insert your right pedal into the right side crank arm  (the side with the bike chain) and then thread it clockwise by hand.
  3. Insert your left pedal into the left side crank arm and thread it anti-clockwise by hand. You should be able to thread this with ease. If it is difficult to thread , stop, re-align the pedal and repeat the above steps.
  4. Tighten the pedal with the wrench that we have provided until the pedal is securely attached to the crank arm.

Once you have completed the above steps your Relentless bike has officially assembled!

single speed bike

Safety notices

  1. Adult assembly required. All parts must be assembled properly and you must fasten all parts securely.
  2. Always use a certified bike helmet when operating a bike. 
  3. Always wear the correct athletic clothing and shoes when operating a bike.
  4. Do not use your bike, near swimming pools, bodies of water, near stairs, on steep hills or other dangerous obstacles.
  5. Please check your Relentless Bike before every ride to ensure it is properly assembled and all aspects are working properly.
  6. It is important to regularly maintain your Relentless Bike with the help of professionals.


Thank you for purchasing from Relentless Bikes we are happy to be part of your fitness journey!



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