There has been a rise around the world of people choosing to walk or bike to work over taking public transportation. More people in densely populated cities are reaching for a bike due to the many benefits!

Check out these 10 tips from Relentless Bikes to make your bike ride to work more comfortable!


  1. Get a bike - if yours is well maintained, you won’t need to upgrade. A reminder that just because it’s called a “road bike”, that could mean it’s better for cycling in races rather than for commuting
  2. Start off cool, because you will begin to heat up! Ride at a lower intensity so you don’t arrive at work sweaty and red-faced.


3. Give yourself extra time for possible traffic and weather. Practice your route a few times so you aren’t running late to work!
4. Avoid back sweat by installing a rear bike rack to pop a bag with your work clothes on.
5. As the seasons get colder utilize layers, and pack a waterproof jacket and trousers 


    6. Consider the weather you are willing to ride in - if you want to go year-round with commuting, you’ll need special tyres for the snow and rain to avoid slipping
    7. Learn how to communicate with drivers and other cyclists to stay safe on the road.
    8. Use lights when cycling in the dark - not just at night but wherever driver vision can be impacted, even on gloomy days. Reflective gear is important for cyclists to be seen!


      9. Install fenders to protect against mud and anything that may splash you from the road
      10. Find a group of people to commute with so you aren’t alone! there are so many great Canadian cycling groups - check facebook groups for groups in your area.




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